How to Combine the Right Decorating Color Schemes

Green Decorating Color Schemes

Have you ever make an odd combination of room color? What color combination is having a perfect matched each other? Can I discover my own color combination? Here are some decorating color schemes to help you solve the problem. The combination of gold, cream and butter color will give a cheerful room for you. Put the cream color on your ceiling, the butter color on your wall, and the golden color the floor. Petal pink, moss green and olive are perfect combination to bring the nature in your house. The refreshing feeling will appear by looking at the moss green wall color. The cheerful feeling will come to you when you see the petal pink ceiling and the olive floor color.

You have to be careful in combining red color; sometimes the wrong combination of red color will give your room a shocking look. Do not combine it with white color otherwise your room will look like a stop sign color, also do not combine it with yellow color unless you want a ketchup and mustard- like room color. The mix of berry, putty and burgundy are the perfect red colors combination. The dark red color needs to be combining with the dark color also, to calm the red strong color down and avoid the shocking color combination. Pale blue, dark grey and light gray are also the perfect color combination. The stormy ceiling, the pale blue wall, and the light gray floor create a sky atmosphere in the room. The soft and cool feeling spread out in the entire room.

You do not need to be color expert to create a color schemes just put your personal sense of art in decorating color schemes. Unusual combination of colors do not always result an odd colors combination. So, do not hesitate to experiment and discover amazing color combination.

Gallery of How to Combine the Right Decorating Color Schemes

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