How to Build Stone Fire Pits

Unique Stone Fire PitsWhat a cold night, you know what will make it better? I guess sitting on the fireplace is so warming, yes it is, but don’t you thing that being inside the house is such a boring, came on, we done it all day, don’t you think that doing activity outside can be better, fireplace is for the indoor purposes, you need something like fireplace but this time for outdoor purposes, and what it would be?, yes a fire pit, you need to create a fire pit, came don’t be lame, get your ass out from your house and start creating stone fire pits just like everyone else.

Well some say make a fire pit is obsolete, that only done by old people, I said so what, soon you will be old either, so what is the problem do old people do while we are young, everything is fine here, ok, to make a stone fire pits you will need some tools here, tool required to make a hole on the land, I guess shovel is the right tools, dig and make a hole with it, measure the depth for 40 cm, that will be enough, after you finish make a hole, you need to gathering the other material, some stones will be required here.

Try to find the stones, this can be done by two method, the simple or complicated one, simple will require any stones and for temporary , but the complicated require better stone and this one is permanent, for the simple method, you can just put the stone around the hole, just make sure it build up well, but for the permanent, you may  used a customized stone with better shape, some stone designed to have the same shape as the brick, just simple  construct the stones, along with the concrete to make it permanent.

Gallery of How to Build Stone Fire Pits

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