How to Build Breakfast Nook

Purple Breakfast Nook

Breakfast nook is simply defined as a place for light meals, a comfortable area near the kitchen which has enough space for a small table and chairs. This is aimed to utilize remained space just off your kitchen by adding few simply furniture. Some believe that it is only applicable to large space of kitchen. However, small room could have one without requires large space and cozy spot for you. This article will provide some ideas to make it real. At least three is things which need to be concerned.

Firstly, Furniture selection such as table should be the first item to be considered.Small table can be added to a sunny corner that doesn’t get a lot of use. Put the table near to window with 2 or three cushioned bench or comfortable seat. L model of seats or sofa attached on the wall can be one of the options. Just remember not taking much space and keep it simple. The model will be compatible for those who have small space. In case if your guests come and having such breakfast together, you can ask them to enjoy it together by putting additional chair in the opposite way.

Secondly, it is bulk to notice that the idea of a breakfast nook is to keep comfortably and cozy. Thus,materials selection which will be applied should not take a side. We will suggest of using vinyl since it is easy to wipe down and keep clean. Finally, apply bright favorite color on the furniture to get fresh impression. Cheerful green mixed with bamboo chairs, a leaf print and pink accents give this booth some Dorothy Draper pizzazz.

Although it can be tricky to design, it is a lot of fun either. The design will really depend on your judgment and your kitchen style. Nevertheless, an extension of the kitchen and cohesiveness should be the primary concern before you decide to create a breakfast nook.

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