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If you have better experience about computer program or software you may have known about home renovation software, well, basically it’s a graphic software, but he function have evolve in to home designing program, but program may need to be purchased, and that’s not good at all, some software cost expensive price, but don’t worry about that, since many people really care about home designing, many people share the software for free, all need to do is looking on the internet, there were several sites that provide free home renovation software, any software like auto cad, and any portable software can be downloaded for free, what a good news is not it?

But this free software providing may create some controverting, adding the software on the internet is illegal activity, as the DMCA policy that concern about the brand and the trade mark, some software manufactures may think this is a piracy, and it’s very inflict the financial loss, but as so many people upload and share the software and the license on the internet, the software’s company feels difficult to observe and maintain the DMCA program, anyway, using the free version is very limited, you need to upgrade the license for the full version, as you have the full version, the locked features will be unlocked.

If you want better experience about home renovation software you can try this Autodesk home-style software, this one is very well known software, you can download the free version from the official site, jut for the first try, learning the software using the free version software can’t be enough, here you need to unlock all the features, this can be done by register the software, some illegal method have been shared on the web, they use some cracker application, this cracker is encrypting the code and possible to hack the free version software become the registered software, well, which one is your choice, full version it’s better than the free version.

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