High Tech Home Gadgets

Clever High Tech Home Gadgets for the Door

Gadget is one of kind of technology that nowadays we use everytime, cannot be separated. Gadgets is also transforming in home furniture and technology. Many people choose gadgets as their interior. They use gadgets technology because the technology continuous to evolve impact on ever shrinking devices, size, and more compact. It also saving money rather than we do twice, makeover the interior plus buys the furniture.

Maybe you still confuse, what gadgets should use as home look better, gorgeous, and also have an advice. Let’s check this out. If I were you, especially if I have an opportunity to have high tech home gadgets I will give different things for each room in my home. For the first is the gate, not too high, but people who need modern safely better using electrical gate. When people who not need or villain crosses the homepage, you could control it. Add some CCTV around your home to know environment situation. In the door lock, you could use some password as the key, so that we not use manual key like now. Or, you could use smart key and case. It looks like cell phone and door keys. It just need tapping case and connect with wireless or antenna in phone by using NFC or RFID as your password protector.

When you need to open the door, you just tap and it will open. For better choice, combine it with sterilization system so that your hand touch the door handle, your hand also be cleaned too. For the living room you could use a dimensional wall panels. It will bring a nice feeling. The interesting shapes make room look larger and futuristic. LED ceiling is a good idea for living room, it better use as night guest. Imagine the artworks that will impress the guest when they come home. For family room we could set up transparent tv, chic and unspeakable. Combining conventional LCD and TOLED in glass technology, so slim and only need a little space. Absolutely, we still can use the other space for others. That’s my example. So many things you can do with high tech home gadget, just suit with your budget and also interior style!

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