Handmade Lamps

Making different handmade things is not so difficult, especially if you need to have creative decorations. One of the most essential arguments is that such things are cheap, or at least not very expensive. Very often people make decorations for home.

Some small pieces of décor are rather nice, but you always can do more. For example, you can hang a handmade lamp anywhere you would like. It is suitable for any flat, house or country house. These lamps are made of all kinds of materials: old bottles and cans, paper, pieces of felt, wire or even metal bathroom fixtures. This list can be continued, and it is limited only by your choice.

The most popular variants are made from wine bottles – you can use a decoupage technique to make it look amazing of you can just put a lampshade on it. In general, all the methods of lamp decorating are not very complicated. Paintings, stickers, crystals or even some natural materials like tree branches or dry leaves can look pretty nice. Lamps decorated with the help of origami technique are becoming more and more popular among handmade lovers.

You can make a floor-lamp, a table-lamp or even a chandelier with the help of the most common and simple resources. The variety of combinations is so great that you can make absolutely different lamps with the help of the same kit of materials. The basic scheme is almost the same for all these types of lamps as well: you need decorative elements and an electric scheme.
This item is not hard to make at all, but there is one thing that is rather important to keep in mind: you need to make sure the lamp suits the interior in a proper way. The combination of styles and colors is very essential for every room, especially if you spend much time there.

There are many online tutorials, so you can easily learn how to make lamps of different styles, shapes and difficulty levels. If you don’t feel like doing this thing yourself you can create your own project and find a good specialist to realize it or find any on the Internet.

Anyway, there is a wide space for your imagination and creative skill. There are some examples below, and you may find something you like.

Gallery of Handmade Lamps


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