Ghost Chairs Dining Room

Beauty Ghost Chairs Dining Room

Having the most outstanding ghost chairs dining room is absolutely entertaining the guests. The most popular chairs designed by Phillipe starck for the manufacturer Kartell is resembling acrylic as the main material, but you know the chairs are made from hard-wearing as the result of molding injection of polycarbonate. That will make another attraction to the guests if you have these ghost chairs  dining room. Even though you know that the original version of these ghost chairs were clear and at glance looked like Lucite, but the line now includes transparent and opaque colors. That is resulting in wider variety of this ghost chairs. You will find it hard to choose as all designs or colors of this ghost chair will attract your sight at it utmost. There are three types of this Phillipe Starck ghost chairs actually. There is this Louis ghost chair which is a stylized armchair inspired by Louis XV designs. There are also the Victoria ghost which is an armless version and the LouLou which is a child-sized version of the Louis.

You can pick one from those three subtypes of ghost chairs above. The benefit you will get as soon as you have decided which one that would be best to be placed in your dining room. After you get the right ghost chairs, you can pair them with glass, clear acrylic or other pieces from the ghost collection. That would be even more striking when they get mixed with a variety of different furniture finishes. If you pick other furniture using too similar material, you will lose the impact of the ghost chairs’ unusual construction material.

The chance of pairing the ghost chairs using contrast surface is widely open. Instead of pairing the ghost chairs with white wall or white dining table, the line will be disappear. You should show your ghost chairs using the best advantages by placing it on or against a contrasting surface. For example, you can place the chairs along with the dark painted dining table against a bold wallpaper with a mix of rich colors.

Gallery of Ghost Chairs Dining Room

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