Floor Protection for Chair

Innovative Floor Protection for Chair

Floor is part of a building which requires special attention. It is an indicator of the cleanliness and image building as a whole. It is one of the assets of the building to be preserved with regular maintenance. Several systems and a complete floor care products is being sold in market to remove all impurities including the old wax layers.The maintenance yet still need to be differentiated which will merely depend on type of floors. In addition, the preservation requires much time and cost. However, how about scratching on the floor which is attributable to chair? Floor protector for chair could be efficient and elegant alternative which will be explained in this article.

Commonly, the floor protectors for chair will barrier the chair legs and the floor, it also can protect the floor from the scratches. Thus, many measures can be employed to apply the idea. One of them is by installing chair stock or fabric to each chair legs. These stuffs can be purchased in store or you can create by yourself.

Secondly, make sure that your chair is coated by rubber of felt (a kind of synthetic material like suede or carpet billiard table). This is another measure which can be utilized by installing rubber coat underneath chair legs. If you do not find one, you can mimic it by taking a piece of felt and set it on the floor, placing your chair leg on top. Trace around the chair leg to make pattern, and cut out number of felt pads needed for your chairs. This is also applicable to basket, flower vases, and other items that stand on the floor or on a wooden table.

Last not but least, attach scratch-resistant stickers under chair legs. This measure is considerable for those who want to protect the floor while no any modification on the chair appears.

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