Finnish Interior Elements

Finnish interior is considered to be rather popular all over the world. Its laconism gives lots of opportunities for interior decoration and space planning. Though it is not very complicated, there appears the impression that the house is luxurious and elegant. There are some tips that may help to improve the interior of your apartment and change it completely for better.

The first one is choosing colors and materials. There are preferably wooden (mostly light) and white shades as Finland associates with nature first of all. There should be as many natural items as possible: wooden pieces of furniture, fireplaces made of stone, rustic decks and many other things. There is usually one of these colors in favor but it is possible to combine them. Wood and stone look perfect together, so it is no chance to spoil the interior, only to make it better.

Another essential point is minimalism, as we’ve already said. The furniture should be simple, and the less there is, the better. It will be fine if you get some items made of stained, not dyed wood. Even the walls and the ceiling can be wooden. This way the house will be not only good-looking but ecological as well. Various pictures and statuettes are not relevant for the Finnish style interior but a couple of photos of Scandinavian landscapes will be fine.

Large windows are also a part of Finnish apartment. There may be even no curtains; the point is that you get more light into the room, and the space is widened visually. Light colors serve the same goal, and you can add mirrors to nail down this effect. Glass is welcome in this kind of interior. Vases with dried flowers and candlesticks with aroma candles are also appropriate, but too much décor will spoil the look of the house.

A fireplace is one of most likeable house items, but, unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to install it in the house. An artificial one can replace it easily, and it is better than nothing – moreover, it is absolutely safe and easy to keep clean.

Keep all these points in mind, and you can get a stunning result for sure. Widened space, healthy atmosphere breit angelegte studie von and the hints of elegance – all there options are available if you are careful enough. The style is created by a person, and you can be such person as well. Here are some examples of how you may improve the things around you.


Gallery of Finnish Interior Elements

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