Eco Friendly Countertops

Elegant Eco Friendly Countertops

Go green! It something that we should consider in every part of our lives. We can start from having the eco friendly countertops in our houses. Several manufactures now offer environmentally responsible surfaces. Many of them are made of a mixture of renewable components, others simply make use of an eco-favorite material like bamboo. All present attractive and viable alternatives to conventional countertops.

There are some eco friendly countertops that we would discuss below, namely: Icestone, Bamboo, and paperstone. Here they are with its advantages and disadvantages.

IceStone is one of the most popular recycled countertops out there. For a truly eco-friendly, get a countertop that removes waste from our local landfills. IceStone countertops are fashioned, it comes from recycled glass and solid. Produced by an environmentally friendly manufacturing process involving in both natural light and wind, IceStone surfaces compare with the strength of quarried stone while actively reducing landfill waste and carbon dioxide emissions. However, because of the porous material, it’s very recommended  to call for sealing twice a year, then ensure that you’re up for the maintenance.

Secondly is the bamboo. This is the best green feature that rapidly renewable resource, moreover, it’s naturally stronger and harder than most other hardwoods, yet based on some homeowners experience, it was most susceptible to stains.

The last is PaperStone. It surfaces are made from 100 percent postconsumer paper waste. The paper is compressed into a strong block, then covered in natural resin. Durable, Strong and of course, beautiful, this recycled and recyclable material provides a perfect solution for every kitchen counter. However, The material is only heat resistant to 350 degrees, so make sure that you are care enough with your hottest pans. Decide which one that fits your needed, then lets remodel your old one with the new eco-friendly countertops!

Gallery of Eco Friendly Countertops

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