«Diaphanous» Furniture, or Glass Fashion

Nowadays glass has become a usual material. Almost in each home there is a table, a bar desk, a nightstand etc. made of glass. This material is relatively cheap, completely natural and available. More than that, glass will add ease and airiness to the style of your home. Glass furniture also visually expands the space of the room or office. It is one of the most likeable materials for designers, and it is never out of fashion.

Glass furniture in living room. Today the combination of glass and metal is extremely popular in Europe. It is used for making coffee tables, shelves, TV tables. So-called «invisible» furniture is considered very prestigious, it is a pure glass, and it is absolutely diaphanous. Tempered or laminated glass is used for it. Tables with diaphanous tabletop or shelves with glass doors are more usual for many people.

Glass for bathroom. Glass furniture in bathroom can be represented by shelves and lockers in majority of homes. Modern designers invented sink that is also made of glass. A Polish designer went further and combined a sink with a spacious aquarium for fishes. As for taking care of glass furniture, it is easy: the most of items are covered by acrylic pellicle which protects the furniture from fingertip spots.

Office furniture made of glass. Every respectable company thinks not only about the functionality, but about the view of the office as well. If the office furniture looks perfectly, it influences on partners in order to cooperate with you. Such glass furniture is produced according to safety rules. Producers use only tempered glass covered by pellicle to avoid cuts and numerous fragments when glass is broken.

Furniture made of plexiglass. If we speak about glass for furniture, it would be good to remember about organic glass that is better known as plexiglass. This type is used for producing furniture bars, restaurants, cafés and offices; it is relatively cheap, and it looks visually like usual glass. Moreover, plexiglass is very light and may have different colors.
The items made of matt and black glass are considered to be the most elegant, and they are used for creating luxurious interiors as well as for decorating.

No matter what you prefer, glass furniture will look elegant and unusual, it has reasonable prices and liked by many people.


Gallery of «Diaphanous» Furniture, or Glass Fashion

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