Decorating a Balcony

There are not so many houses with large balconies but if you are lucky enough to have one, even if it is not so big, then you are probably thinking of decorating it in a nice way. Of course, the most common way of making the outdoor space better is to place some flowerpots there. Anyway, there is a variety of designing ideas.

In case there is a big balcony in your house you can organize a kind of lounge or a summer café there. Putting a sofa and a coffee table will make it a cozy place for sure. It is a part of the house, so it should have the own style: it is not just a place for keeping different stuff but the additional room for rest and relaxation.

Putting a book shelf on the open area can also be a nice idea, but you have to make sure that the balcony is solid enough for it. There are plenty examples of more convenient and light-weight pieces of furniture and decorations.

Light curtains and bright pillows will help to create casual atmosphere, wooden elements will make a balcony more elegant, and flowers will make it look more fresh and cheerful. If you decide to have a carpet on a balcony floor then it will also be a great idea. Romantic, creative, minimalistic, natural – this place can look very different, depending on what you would like to see.

If there is not so much space then it will be enough to decorate a balcony from the outside. The decorations can be both natural (flowers in pots or ivy) and artificial (lamps, garlands, posters). Express yourself by creating something special!

It is also possible to organize a greenhouse if you have a jetty, not an open-air balcony. When you don’t have the possibility of making a restroom then you have a chance to make a small green island in the room.

We hope you are ready to make the decision. In case you are not, then these examples will inspire you!

Gallery of Decorating a Balcony


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