Creative Shelves

Choosing furniture has always been a complicated deal, especially when the members of your family have different tastes. In this case the best way out is getting something absolutely special, different from what you can see in shops and stores. One of the most noticeable and useful items in any house is a shelf – it does not really matter whether it is a book shelf or a cupboard one.

Unique pieces of furniture can be found on specialized forums or in the Internet shops. You can choose and order the design and the colors that you prefer. If you enjoy handmade work then you can try to make up your own shelf design and experiment with different materials and styles. Wood and plastic are used for this purpose very often but there are plenty of modern materials that have good quality and other properties. It is also possible to decorate old furniture with decoupage technique but we are talking about global changes, not about renewing things.

Trying something new is always a great experience; it changes your life this or that way. As for changing furniture, it can be special as well: inventing a new image of the interior can change your attitude to life. Replacing heavy old-fashioned stuff with new light and bright constructions is very likely to bring you to a happier and more cheerful mood state.

Creativeness often implies some unusual shapes, combining styles and many other parameters that influence on how people percept things around them. So, professional designers and constructors prefer to make them look like art projects: there are items that consist of strict lines and the abstract ones that evoke our imagination, those which can stand anywhere or the shelves that can be hang in rooms with the particular interior – so many variant exist. Creators of such stuff also tend to organize the elements of furniture in a random order.

It is very essential to make a right decision about what the project will look like. Thus, if it is necessary to fill in free space in the living-room then it will be a good decision to install a massive asymmetric construction for storing miscellaneous things – there are so many of them in every house. Light and thin shelves are more appropriate for bedrooms and solid ones are better for kitchens or halls.

There are just examples of how a designer shelf can look like. These are the photos of the best modern projects, and you are very welcome to make up your mind about them.


Gallery of Creative Shelves

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