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What do you think about your kitchen? For me it’s like a playground, well I have very interesting stories, it sound bored but I think you need to know this one, ok, this happen when I’m preparing the meals and turkey for the thanksgiving day, it’s kind a yearly ceremonial, and my home always be the place to held it, I don’t know why but my sibling always choose my house, they said I have better place than them, and you always cook something delicious, that’s why we love you brother, well that is not what I’m talking about, my nephew is quite like me, he have a passion about cook and culinary, and he always show me the latest update about cool cooking appliances, and that day she give me the Egg Genie, what is Egg Genie?

Egg Genie is one of the cool cooking appliances that become popular this time, many people used and apply this appliance on their kitchen, this basically an Egg cooker, and as an experts about culinary, my nephew Natalie know how to use this gadget, he show me how to cook Egg with this Egg Genie, she put four egg on the tray provide by Egg genie, this Egg genie is an electrical system operation, so it need a electric power to make it works, and Egg genie really know how to cook Egg, it can make three different cook, the first is the hard cooked, this is just like an ordinary egg cooked until it hard.

The second is medium cooked, this one need a better time management, but this cool cooking appliances can be adjusted, there is a switch on the panel, if you choose the medium the gadget will cook medium, so the result will be medium cooked Egg, the last is the soft, soft cooked Egg is suitable for the garnish and food decoration, so? It’s interesting right? start looking for your own Egg Genie then

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