Combining Styles: Ideas and Tendencies

Decorating a house always starts with choosing the design and the style of each room. On the one hand, everything should look smoothly and naturally – for this reason it is necessary to select the most appropriate colors and styles. At the same time it is a well-known fact that different styles can be combined so that it is possible to create something unusual.

For example, minimalistic style often assimilates with bright elements or modern decorations. It helps to make some special stylistic accents that will draw everyone’s attention. Such space can be really comfortable for living as you always feel free to change or replace some pieces of interior. There is a great amount of house décor elements that can become the central part of your room: pictures, lamps, carpets, even some kinds of furniture.

It is also possible to create some contrasts: a light room traditionally contains some dark or bright elements but you can try to do conversely. Making some splashes of light colors can But it will suit you only if you prefer the extravagant atmosphere and feel comfortable there. You can also put, stick or hang any subjects which can create the suitable atmosphere.

Studio flats are becoming popular these days, and they often have bare brick walls. This is a perfect basis for creating anything you would like to. Very often there can be installed a fireplace or someone can draw graffiti – this can be really creative, and it will make your room look more specific. These things are not replaced so easily, so you should think over before you do this. Anyway, the result is stunning. To make the interior more stylistically functional you can hang something on the wall. It can be a picture or a photo as well as something not so common, for example, a bike or horns.

Here you can see the ways of creating a perfect combination of styles. Invent your own design and enjoy the result!

Gallery of Combining Styles: Ideas and Tendencies


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