Built in Ideas for Underground Home

Crazy Underground HomeWhat a good day, yes it is, a good day to make a review about something, but I’m kind a confused here, there are so many idea on my mind, just try to simplify to get better review here, and I guess this one is better, it’s about underground home, underground huh, sound not too good to me, what the first thing on your mind when you heard about underground? Is it dark? Is it humid? Or less air? Well I guess those can represent what the underground about, I just don’t know why do people build something like home underground.

Regularly people plan and build a home on the clear and stable land in order to increase the foundations and home resistance from the collapse, clear land can be said as the major and important requirements, but as you see here, so many home no longer build an the cleared and stable land, some build on the cliff, one on the trees, that’s already odd for me, but this one is crazy I guess, they build a home on the underground, that can be craziest idea, but if you look at the result, the design and the results is unexpected.

Do you realize the danger about build underground home, if you think about natural disaster, underground home can be the good place for hideout, or a safe place while the storm or tornado strike your neighborhood, this underground home can be used as a bunker that keep your whole family save and away from the tornado strike, but how about the earth quake, you can just stay on your underground home when earth quake strike, the shock will instantly collapse your whole home, buried with the land, and how about flood, I guess the design can stand against mother nature.

Gallery of Built in Ideas for Underground Home

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