Building Diy Bed Frame Is Easy

Armand Diy Bed Frame Is Easy

A bed frame or divan should have to the place where it is placed, if some people put a bed on the floor then it has an adverse effect both on the bed and to users. Adverse effects to the bed is if it is placed on the floor of the moisture is absorbed from the floor will not make age a durable foam, and if it’s under warranty then our claim will not be recognized as affected by moisture is one point that void the warranty. While the adverse effects to humans are humidity and cold when we sleep on a bed that is put on the floor over time can make us wet lung disease. This means it is very detrimental to us because it caused an underestimation.

If we are not an expert in the field of timber, then do not worry we can make own diy bed frame is easy, which is important there is a strong will within us. Prepare tools and materials, necessary tools as simple as wood saws, tape measure, nails, hammer, elbow, pencils, and wooden planks. First measure the length and width of the bed will be installed, and then measure the size of the wood plank bed earlier. Mark size bed with a pencil and cut appropriate markings scratched. After the board cut length x width as much as 2 pieces each was then united with nails and hammers. Once we unite they form a simple box the size of a bed. Then reinforce by adding 4-6 pieces of wood crosswise, use the rest of the board earlier. Well is not that hard to make a simple bed.

If we want to position the bed does not touch the floor then we just add 4 pieces of legs on the four corners of the bed had a strong use of wood as to support the load bed dab our bodies.

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