Bathroom Shower Tile Design

Modern Bathroom Shower Tile Design

If we have modern bathroom that includes shower, of course we want to have not only comfortable bathroom but also has beautiful look, especially for the shower. After soaking in bath we surely use it. Moreover, after make a shampoo, we should flush it. That’s why when we on shower, we sometimes need looking around, and enjoying shower. One of the ways to enjoying shower is using bathroom shower tile design.

Before applying bathroom shower tile design in your bathroom, you should know what the best tiles think big square is suit if you use marble, granite, or alabaster as your materials. It will look so natural. It can be arranged horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Each arrangement gives different looking. Arrange them in harmony with each pattern. You can also add different pattern or color to make some focus on your shower. Also, combining with small tiles is good too. Big squares are the main tiles, then the small one in the middle or corner to make a focus. But, if you don’t like using big square tiles as your shower tiles, better if you choose the smallest one. Small square tiles are match to use for ceramic or glass materials. These can be use tile patterning to add visual interest. Mosaic glass will recurring border, breaking up the wall space, and make your look wider. The color should be natural, white, brown, or beige I think suit. Then is rectangular, circle, or unorganized shapes that suit to stone or bricks materials. Rather contrast for each, but it will be a great counterpoint in the room. Add complementary colors around the shower. Mix up the tiles pattern, mix and match materials. This is spot to show the different style.

After knowing the pattern and materials, don’t forget to set up your shower in right rules. It will be problem if you choose beautiful tiles but not think about the function. Shower tiles should be waterproof and durable, also grouted properly. Then, time for you to use your imagination for your shower.

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