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Baby mod mini crib is another way of saying modern mini crib for your babies. It is exactly like standard cribs but they are smaller. It is not the portable one, folding cribs, play yards or bassinets, so that wouldn’t make you confused. Baby mod mini crib is solidly constructed as a tiny crib. It is usually made of wood or metal. It has slats instead of mesh side and also uses mini crib mattress. Sure it is different with the full-size of a crib. You can exactly check the difference in the size of those two cribs. That is the only side-by-side difference that would make you see and realize how the size is important.

The baby mod mini crib is specially designed for the infants who don’t make any movement yet so it will be safely secured your new baby born. It is also loaded with convenient features just exactly the same with the full-size crib, like the drop sides, adjustable mattress which supports height and another decorative feature. It also has the wheel which is allowing this mini crib to be easily moved from room to room. The mini crib also provides you the drawers underneath, even it is smaller than the full-size one.  As for the size, sure it is mini. You cannot expect for a larger size of it. It is a miniature crib which measures in 38 inches by 25 inches. It is as tall as the full-size crib, because it takes up less room.

This baby mod mini crib is fashionable and colorful, if you could find it with the features above. Usually this kind of baby crib is used as the baby guest’s place that doesn’t stay for a long time, because maybe you don’t want to take a risk of leaving your new baby born in small crib rather than the full-size one. Even though it is safe, but you can’t use it for a long time. Your baby will grow as fast as a blink of an eye. That is why the use of this baby mod mini crib is limited in time. But you can still use it for another option like having it as the baby’s guest who visiting your house.

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