Asian Style Decorating: Sipmple Elegance

Asia is a distant and mysterious land where lots of wonderful things happen. Patience, spirituality and piece – these are the associations connected with Asia. Philosophical perception of the world is a basic principle of life here: everything is organized for comfort, love and harmony. It is not surprising that Asian style inspires a great amount of designers and other creative people all over the world.

Much attention paid to the room organization: there should be as much free space as possible because it influences the energy of the house; the center of the room is usually opened. Moreover, this way you feel free to move, and it is also convenient in sense of everyday usage.

As for furniture, it is better to choose minimalistic design – it correlates with the philosophy and responds to Asian mentality. Pieces of furniture should not be very high and decorated much: close to the ground and made of natural materials, they always look natural and easy to keep clean.

At the same time there can be some sophisticated Oriental decorations such as figurines made of wood, porcelain or ivory. Typical items for this style are rugs, candles, pots, ceramic vases. Adding some bamboo can make the design more complete.

Color is also quite significant for creating Asian style decorations. There are two typical ways to blend colors and tinctures. The first one is to combine red, black, gold and white – it will let you create an authentic atmosphere and make the accents the way you like. The second possibility is to use natural beige colors of different shades. By the way, this variation gets in line with modern tendencies of decoration.

Simple and elegant, Asian style is just charming. Many people are attracted by its functional simplicity, strict lines and noble colorings. Here are some examples for your inspiration.

Gallery of Asian Style Decorating: Sipmple Elegance


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