Art Déco Style – Why Is It So Popular Now?

Art Déco appeared in the beginning of the 20th century in France, and it started developing rapidly. So, it is relatively new, and some people find it rather hard to deal with this kind of decoration. It was influenced by such art styles as Modernism, Futurism, Cubism and some other. Art déco became the symbol of luxury and wealth. This style is a combination of traditional craft elements and techno style. It is represented by complex ornaments, solid materials and rich colors.

Nowadays this style tends to attract much attention and at the same time it indicates the good taste of the owner of a house. It is quite difficult to combine various art déco elements, so many people prefer to assign this task to professional designers who know exactly how to make all the elements and items look beautiful and sophisticated together.

Art déco is used mostly in hotel and café decorating as all the attributes of this style point to social status, and some people find it rather uncomfortable to live in the apartment with such interior. On the other hand, if you feel nice in such conditions then there is much space for your imagination.

This way, there are a number of style combinations to make the interior look more up-to-date and at the same time smooth enough. It can be even monochrome or you can integrate it into modern interior design – it can be rather unusual and beautiful. Art déco style can be applied not only to living-rooms and bedrooms but also to bathrooms and kitchens.

Traditionally this style is associated with gilding, a big amount of decorating elements and complex combinations of different ornamentations. At the same time you can see the traits and peculiarities of certain design tendencies. You can choose the ones that you like most.

This elaborate style can be also referred to architecture and art, so it can be used to improve not only interior but exterior as well. If you dream about extraordinary country mason then you can think of this manner of decorating.

Here are some examples how art déco can change the interior and how it can be tied together with modern house design.


Gallery of Art Déco Style – Why Is It So Popular Now?


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