Art Deco Interior Design

Art Deco style is characterized by luxury and sophisticated decorations. As for interior design, it is a rather complicated style as you should be very careful with combining different pieces of interior.

Art Deco interior design implies a number of distinctive traits.

  1. Geometry is one of the main principles of this style. Straight and sharp lines, stair-step shapes, wide lines and the combination of zigzags and streamline elements – all these things are typical for art deco interior objects.
  2. The element called “Sunburst”, which is rather recognizable as it is used very often, especially for decorating mirrors.
  3. Glossy surfaces are also common for most art deco interiors, so different types of varnishes and paints as wells as polished wood and metal are used – there are many sparkling elements in this style.
  4. Strict contours and frames are also related to this special style. The elements of furniture and décor are also framed with contrast lines that emphasize the elegance of these objects.

Shapes and materials are one of the main criteria for planning Art deco interior. As for materials, this particular style requires the most expensive ones. Fur, leather, crystals – the more, the better – but everything should be decorated sufficiently and with good taste.

There should be no décor with viagra generique pas cher ou cialis flower prints and romantic motives – style and geometry are the main points for art deco interior design. Nevertheless, exotic and ethnic elements are used from time to time: Greek or African elements are loved by many designers.

Art Deco style lets us make experiment with colors, so it is possible to use contrasts, bright shades (but there are some limits) as well as moderate colors. The most widely used colors are black and white, though the colors of precious stones and metals are also often used. Beige, chocolate, violet – the colors are rich and pleasant to look at. The basic colors are not bright but saturated.

Art Deco interior design implies using such decorative elements as paintings, statuettes, mirrors. Using upholstery materials is also very common for the interiors of this type.

If you are determined to decorate the interior this way, you are welcome to learn more about the most popular tendencies in Art Deco style. Here are some photos of possible variations.


Gallery of Art Deco Interior Design

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