A Bathroom Window

A bathroom is a nice place to relax, and everyone wants it to be beautiful, cozy and pleasant to use. At the same time there is always a chance to make the space not only functional but also creatively different. A good way to express creativity and surprise the others is to make a window in the bathroom.

It may sound strange for many people but when this idea is realized, the result looks gorgeous. A window in the bathroom provides more light and makes the room look unique. It doesn’t matter how large the window is, the main point is that your flat or house gets a special detail. Moreover, it keeps your bathroom fresh and well ventilated – say «No» to humidity and frost. Due to this the room can be used for a long time. There is one more essential detail: thanks to such window you can place some flowers in the bathroom.

There can appear a difficulty, because the window can face another house, but this problem can be overcome easily. You can install blinds or even curtains – it will help to make the room more elegant and comfortable. And, what is more important, it will make the bathroom safe and private place. The curtains can be made of any fabric you’d like.
There are many ways to install the window: it can be placed in the wall or in the ceiling – anyway, you will have a chance to enjoy the view and be in the harmony with nature.

Here are some pictures that can be useful and inspiring for you.

Gallery of A Bathroom Window


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