A 4-room apartment interior design: bright and calming

This apartment interior design would be perfect for a family of five people. Unique conception presents an incredible comfort and causes an immediate flash of interest. Two bedrooms for children, a dining room fused with kitchen, a bedroom for parents and 2 bathrooms instantly catch everyone’s attention.

The style of this apartment can be described as eclecticism. It means that the design of this apartment includes elements of modern and classical styles finely mixed with oriental details and grunge. The prevailing colours are bright, intense and rich.

The dining room which is at the same time a kitchen is painted with an utterly special blue colour that has an unusual tone and creates the atmosphere of unbelievable lightness. Orange elements of the décor contrast with this colour and bring freshness into the interior.

The facades of the kitchen furniture have quite traditional forms. At the same time the furniture is made of glazed medium density fireboard which adds to the unusual look of the kitchen.

The design of the parents’ bedroom is extraordinary as well. The bitter-chocolate-coloured walls stand out against the colour of the curtains and the bedspread. The bed-head that is styled as a piece of patch-work appears to be one of the eclectic elements of this interior design. The king-size bed faces built-in wardrobes. A “desk” is to be found between the wardrobes, in an illuminated niche/ the niche can also serve as a place for a dressing table, a chair or bookshelves.

The bigger children’s room is designed for teenagers. The room is divided into a few zones: for sleeping, studying, relaxation and games.

The smaller bedroom is supposed to be used by younger children. It is pleasantly light and cozy. One of the most original features of this room is the chandelier that can also be used as a ventilator.

The overall impression made by this apartment and its total look are very positive. Bright and quiet colours are calming and energetic at the same time. This interior design has the power of making people want to dream and bring dreams to life.

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