10 Interior Design Trends 2014

This article can be very familiar to many readers and useful for all the people who are going to change the interior of their homes this year. American company that is considered as the main expert in sphere of colors amounted the list of preferences in design of interior.

1. One of the most popular colors of this year is yellow, the experts say. It should not be very bright, but not faded as well, because yellow means cheerfulness without voltage and irritation. A lot of manufacturers presented yellow sofas and armchairs at exhibitions this autumn.

2. Copper elements is a second trend. Accessorizes and interior items made of copper reached their peak, and in designers opinion, will hold on it. That’s why the most trendy chandeliers, frames for mirrors, candlesticks, vases and tableware are made of this material. These items also will create comfortable atmosphere in your home.

3. Geometric ornament will be popular as well because of the interest caused by the 50-s style. This trend appeared in 2013 and it is still going on up to 2015.

4. «The color of the year» is Radiant Orchid. As experts believe, this color symbolizes originality and stimulates imagination. Orchid color may be combined with grey and beige interiors, and also with olive, green and turquoise elements.

5. Today the majority of designers are minimalists. This trend is going on this year. As it is commonly believed that minimalism is not only sign of good taste but it also gives you the feeling of freedom without any superfluous things.

6. Natural materials always remain in vogue. Nowadays furniture with texture of coarse wood is very popular. Coarse wood tabletops are one of the latest trends of this season.

7. The experts claim that the Dazzling Blue will be in trend next spring. It is a noble color that keeps your mood calm. But such kind of blue requires the right outline: it is perfectly combined with white and wooden tones. It can also extend small room visually, but walls in the room that faces the northern side should not be painted in blue – it will make them look gloomy.

8. Using Asian motives in another interior trend. Many designers find their inspiration in Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indian culture. One magazine predicts that eastern style in design of interiors – saturated colors, combinations of dark and neutral colors, complex patterns, natural materials and low furniture – are going to be popular.

9. Pastel colors are also widely applied. Romantics found new style – Shabby chic – in which there are delicate pink, cream and lavender colors.

10. Functionality is becoming the main criterion in choosing interior decorations. That is why ergonomic furniture comes to our life. It means that furniture form and size should be comfortable and pleasant for human body, that is why you will feel relaxed.

Whether you concern about these points or not, they can be really helpful for decorating the interior of your house; and they worth taking into consideration as well.

Gallery of 10 Interior Design Trends 2014


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